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Our Student Programs

We offer a variety of programs focused on offering students hands-on educational experiences to prepare them for the future. 

STEAM Showcase

The annual STEAM showcase is held in partnership with MUSD in the spring. It is an opportunity across the district for students of all grades to showcase what they have learned in STEAM in a non-competitive event.



In partnership with, we offer middle school girls the ability to get weekly one on one coaching from industry professionals for approximately 12 weeks as they explore their interest in STEAM. This is a rigorous process with an application, interview, and project presentation. Applications are done in November/December timeframe


Stanford Kids Day

In partnership with Stanford University, we invite students who are likely to be the first in their family to go to college on a tour of Stanford as well as a football game. Typically, held in September.

Our Parent Programs


We offer a variety of parent seminars that are based on our parents' experiences and various knowledge sources for parents. These are typically sponsored by an organization or a parent group. You can email us with a request to do these seminars.

Topics that we cover:

  • Public schools experiences versus Private schooling

  • Transitioning from

    • Elementary School to Middle School​

    • Middle School to High School

  • Making the Most of Your High School Experience

  • Effectively Preparing for College

  • Financial Strategies to Saving for College (not FASFA discussion)

  • Raising College Bound Kids (target Pre-K to 2nd-grade parents)

  • Managing Social Media, Phones through Middle School

  • Bridging the Cultural Gap for Success

  • Other topics upon request

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