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Collecting Money

Welcome to our Giving Portal

A strong community can be traced to a strong school district. A strong school district has strong community support, and here in Milpitas, our history started in 2009. The Milpitas Community Education Foundation (MCEF) was formed to help build that foundation. Today, more than ever before, the Milpitas Unified School District relies on community support to maintain its outstanding schools and programs. Donations to MCEF provide enrichment programs such as our annual STEAM showcase, MAGIC (More Active Girls in Computing) opportunities for Middle school girls, our annual Stanford Cardinal Kids Day, and many others. It also funds an endowment that generates an annual $5,000 grant to the district to address its critical needs for a given year. We invite you to join and support us so that we can make a difference for every child in our schools each day.

How to Donate

We offer multiple ways to donate for your convenience. We have recently partnered with Zeffy, which allows donations through ACH for free. You can use a credit card online (which has a processing fee) or send us a check. We can even take appreciated property as gifts.. 


Donate Online (credit card)

Probably one of the most convenient ways to donate is through making a donation online with your credit card or Paypal account. We use Zeffy for fee-free donations. Other methods may have a fee.


Mail In Donation via Check

If you prefer to write a check, please complete this form and make it out to MCEF, and mail it to:

MCEF B2S Donation Drive 2023-24
1866 N Park Victoria Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035


Gifts of Appreciated Property

Gifts are stock are encouraged and can provide significant tax benefits to donors (please consult your tax advisor). To transfer securities, please download the instructions and email: and we can answer any questions that you had in regard to the process. Click on the image to see examples of how stock donations can benefit you.

2023-24 GOAL


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