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MUSD Annual Grant

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The Milpitas Community Education Foundation (MCEF) is pleased to introduce the MUSD annual grant based on the distributions of its endowment. We are pleased to announce that a $10,000 budget is available for grants for the 2024-25 school year. The investment manager reviews the endowment's performance each year and determines the budget. While this is not guaranteed, the goal is an annual grant of $10,000.


Upon review of the status and performance of the endowment, MCEF is proud and excited to announce that $10,000 is available for the annual MUSD grant to be distributed in October 2024.

Grant Timeline

  • July 1 - MCEF announces the available budget for the annual grant.

  • July 1 - Grant Application will be available online at this site. MUSD will need to complete an application for each project/program that (up to 3, in priority order) is requesting funding,

  • Sep 30 - Grant Applications are due by the end of the day.

  • Oct - Grant committee review (note that the committee may request clarifications from the district in written form once during the review period)

  • Oct 22, 2024 (approx) - Grant awarded

  • April 30, 2025 - Grant review presentation & infographic delivery to MCEF

Grant Summary

  • By April 30, 2025, the project/program will need to provide MCEE with a short presentation and a one-page infographic that includes:

  • Short description of the project/program

  • Student impact across the district

  • Data presentation / Measurement of success factors 

  • Next steps

Questions / More Information

Grant Proposal

  • Each proposal should be no longer than 2 pages and should answer the following questions:

    • District's priority

    • Description of the program/project

    • Why is it essential to the district?

    • What is the potential impact on the students in the district?

    • How do you define success for the project/program?

    • What are the specific measurements used to determine success?

  • Site-specific requests should seek their local PTA before applying.​

Application and Deadline


Online Version: Please ensure that the user is logged into their Google account to complete the form and upload their files.


Sunday, September 29, 2024

Annual Awards & Impact



Makerspace at Weller Julie Frost



Music for All Randall Elementary



Outdoor Stage Mattos Elementary



TRMS Leadership Russell Middle School

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