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Financial Literacy

California is the fifth (5th) largest economy in the world (in 2022) as ranked the US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the International Monetary Fund. And yet, it is one of five states in the US that has "virtually no requirements" for personal finance education in high school (1). We find that to be "incredibly dumb and shortsighted". In a world of increasing complex financial products and hidden gotchas, we believe that a change is necessary. While there is virtually no disagreement about a need to have a requirement from lawmakers, the challenge of funding and scheduling has been the barrier. 

MCEF has developed a financial literacy workshop in attempt to address this.

Curriculum Outline

  • Introduction to Financial Literacy

    • Why financial literacy

    • Understanding Needs vs Wants

    • Savings vs Investing

  • Budgeting

    • What is a budget?

    • Creating a budget

    • Tracking income and expenses

    • Strategies for managing spending

  • Banking and Saving

    • Understanding different types of bank accounts (checking, savings, CDs)

    • Importance of saving for emergencies and future goals

    • How to choose the right bank and account for your needs

  • Credit Report and Scores​

    • Understanding credit scores and reports

    • Importance of good credit

    • Managing credit cards responsibly

  • Good Debt vs Bad Debt

    • When is a good time to take on debt
    • Avoiding debt traps and strategies for debt repayment
  • Investing

    • Basics of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

    • Risk and return

    • Building an investment portfolio aligned with personal goals and risk tolerance

  • Financial Goal Setting and Planning

    • Setting SMART financial goals

    • Creating a financial plan

    • Monitoring and adjusting financial goals over time

  • Paying for College / Tools to Help Track & Manage Your Money

    • How to find financial resources for college

    • Managing financial aid

    • What to know about your paycheck

    • Apps to learn more

      •  Good Good Piggy, FamZoo, Zogo

    • What is FinTech

Financial Literacy Workshop

This 16 hour workshop will be scheduled over two weeks. ​It will be comprised of eight (8) 2 hour sessions, 2 hour "simulation or final exam", and a 2 hour graduation. The schedule for this seminar has not been finalized, but we are looking at 2 weeks in June after school year has ended. We expect it to be finalized in early May.

Target Audience

Our target audience is High School students and will be limited to 100 students. If there is space, we will open it to other grade levels.


If you are interested in having your student participate in this workshop, please complete the pre-registration form. Offerings will be on a first come, first served basis.


For each student, a deposit of $100 will be required at registration. If student attends 75% of the classes and participates in graduation, the $100 will be used as an opening deposit for a bank account with a parent or guardian. If student already has an account, please bring proof of the account to receive funds back.

A limited number of scholarships are available on a first come, first basis. Email for more information.

Questions / More Information

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